Current Policy Issues

Support California SB 239

Modernizing California HIV Criminalization Laws – SB 239 (Sen. Scott Wiener, Asm. Todd Gloria)

Updates California criminal law to approach transmission of HIV in the same way as transmission of other serious communicable diseases. It also brings California statutes up to date with the current understanding of HIV prevention, treatment and transmission to reduce stigma around HIV and improve public health outcomes.

Here is a link to the entire text of the bill

Penal Implications for people living with HIV/AIDS  The vast majority (95%) of all HIV-specific criminal incidents impacted people engaged in sex work or individuals suspected of engaging in sex work.


We continue to oppose LEAD, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion. We always oppose criminalization. Additionally, we oppose programs that depend on our criminalization. Thus, we ask for institutional transparency from nonprofits that are posed to serve us with such programs. Funding for pilot programs has been authorized in California.


Vote No on California Prop 60  (November 2016 election) California voters did vote no and this bad ballot proposition was defeated! 


We wrote a letter to Governor Brown asking him NOT to appoint Nancy O’Malley as the Attorney General of California.


We opposed California SB 420 (Hancock). But it did pass. Governor Brown has not signed it yet, (I think he has until January).  Here is a link to the whole legislative history of SB 420.




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